Each year, for November 11, the Abrivado Festival brings together more than 200 herdsmen and 1,000 horses from all over Provence to participate in this Festival on the beaches of Saintes-Maries, exceptionally open to riders and their mounts that day.


This Festival is a unique encounter, to the glory of horses and bouvine enthusiasts …


The public, won over by the pounding of the horses’ hooves, can admire this mad race in complete safety and share the thrills of this traditional equestrian parade which allows the bulls to trot to the arenas.


The jubilation of the festival begins around a breakfast on the beach, then at 11 am, the riders and bulls leave. The Abrivado Column follows the traditional route from the East Beach to the Saintes-Maries bullring, over a distance of 6 km.


Eleven abrivados follow one another and one after another. They put the skill of the herdsmen to the test to contain the bulls that are always ready to escape.
A fusion of the pleasure of riding and the traditions of the Camargue, this annual equestrian event in Saintes-Maries reflects the ardor of Camargue customs and the love we have for horses here.