MAY 24 & 25 of each year

Roma, Manouches, Gypsies and Gypsies arrive from all over Europe to venerate their Saint: SARA, the Black one.

They will settle in the streets, in the squares, by the sea.
For 8 to 10 days, they are at home here.


The Pilgrimage is also an opportunity for family reunions and children are also baptized on this occasion in the Church of Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer.

Following the descent of the reliquaries, on May 24, the statue of SARA is carried by the gypsies to the sea to symbolize the expectation and reception of the Saintes Maries by SARA, patron saint of the gypsies. The procession returns to the Church in the joy of cheers, the sound of guitars and the chime of Church bells.


The Sunday closest to October 22 (Procession to the sea of ​​Saintes Maries Jacobé and Salomé). These festivals date back to the Middle Ages and their ceremonial is always the same, the crowd, candles in hand, sings and acclaims the Saintes Maries every year. We lead in Procession to the sea, Sara, the Patroness of the Gypsies.